About Us

Located in HUBLI, the cultural hub of Karnataka, Sanskriti College of Visual and Performing Arts is the leading creative arts college that will bring the creative arts industry to you.We are here because you embody creativity. We don’t believe in boring jobs. We believe in the power of doing what you love and loving what you do. We are here to help you discover your talents and tap into your potentials. Study with us, creativity starts here.

Why Sanskriti: Top Reasons for Choosing Sanskriti

Sanskriti College is a pioneer in this aspect of the education field in the entire state. It truly is one of a kind, where all forms of visual, fine, and performing arts are hosted under one roof.

Sanskriti College is guided, steered and mentored by visionaries in the field of visual, fine, and performing arts who have made a niche in their respective fields. Faculty members are carefully selected based on their experience and impact in their fields. They are passionate about the visual arts, fine arts and performing arts, and more importantly, they are passionate about teaching the artists of tomorrow.Sanskriti College has established strong ties with companies in the film and television and arts and entertainment industry to allow networking opportunities with real life professionals and recruiters from the industry. Continuous partnership with real companies in these fields ensures a balance between our teachings and the demands of the industry.

  • One of a Kind
  • Industry Leaders Make Up Our Faculty
  • Strong Partnerships
  • Learning from Doing
  • Opportunities

How we do it?

Teaching at Sanskriti is conducted with the ultimate goal of delivering the students’ employability at the end of the program. Sanskriti provides real industry experience where every student has the opportunity to work on a major project with an industry professional. By taking a practical approach, students learn from doing and adopt their own styles of the creative process when they launch their careers.

Sanskriti exists to bridge the gap between the talented young artists and the creative arts industry. Through real life projects, training with industry professionals, peer support and participation in competitions, students of Sanskriti College will be superbly prepared to enter the film and television, or arts and entertainment industry.Being a student at Sanskriti College, you are just one certificate away from unleashing your full creative potential. Study with us and unlimit your future today.The Feasibility Study indicated that demand was strong for a dedicated Academy for Visual and Performing Arts Centre. Looking at immense potential in the student community and growth of this industry sector, Sanskriti bridges the gap between your talent and the industry of your choice. Our objective is to provide the best experience for you, to nurture art, artists and the community by providing a broad range of creative and collaborative experiences. Through quality arts education, presentation and exhibition in the disciplines of music, dance, theater, visual and literary arts, your hidden talent is no longer a dream stashed away, but a reality waiting to happen.

Vision and Mission


Sanskriti College is dedicated to excellence, creativity, and innovation in artistic expression. We strive to deliver new benchmarks in the field of the creative arts by providing unparalleled education which enable students to meet the national and international demands.


To channel individuality, creativity and uniqueness in every student through arts and arts education. We nurture aspirants to enrich the cultural fabric of society, contribute to employability, and sustain the film and television industry as well as global arts and entertainment landscape.

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